Overview of DocsPDite

DocsPDite is an industrial strength text and document indexing and retrieval software.   Useful for managing documents and text files (most popular formats supported) and quickly finding and opening them in the original application.   Since its release in December of 2010 our program has become very popular with many thousands of customers in nearly 60 countries spanning the globe.   Useful in recruitment for managing resumes or any business (or invididual) who generates large numbers of Microsoft Word® and Excel® documents and needs to track them quickly and reliably.

Popular in the recruitment field for managing resumes in Word format, DocsPDite is useful for anybody, employee or personal, who needs to track large quantities of documents or tidbits of information in a single place.   This edition supports diverse formats including the most popular office suites, Open Office, WordPerfect and Microsoft Office.

DocsPDite 2010 Key Features

  • New look and feel with 64-bit compatibility
  • Import text from the following formats
    • Microsoft Word - 1997 through 2013 editions (doc & docx)
    • Microsoft Rich Text (RTF) - 1997 forward. (Wordpad current format)
    • Word Perfect - Any WPD file
    • Adobe Reader - Easily import PDF documents and open them in the Adobe (or compatible) reader.
    • Plain Text - Stop using notepad, just edit direct into any library (import also works)
    • HTML - Import any HTM or HTML page and find the text and launch in your browser later
    • EMail - Any email client capable of saving files as EML format is supported
  • Industrial strength search engine enabling complex logic
  • Ability to share libraries with other users (easy import/export)
  • Backup and restore easily.

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DocsPDite 2010 Build 220 — 16 Sep 2016HOT
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DocsPDite 2010 - Industrial strength text and document indexing and retrieval software for ordinary people.

This newest edition of our popular document manager was updated 16 September 2016 to be fully compatible with Windows 10.   Works on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 through 10.   Note: This release eliminates a bug that showed up on some Windows 8 and 10 machines.

This is a free upgrade for any user who has purchased the software starting in December, 2010.   Just download and install over the existing installation.   No new code or any special steps required.

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Date 2019-12-14
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